VersaWare – Next-generation smart kitchen appliances with built-in AI nutrition

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  • Feb 07, 2023

Eating healthy isn’t always easy. This is mainly because one of the most important parts of the process requires people to keep track of their daily nutrition and daily calorie intake so that they can accurately calculate the amount of calories needed each day so that they can maintain, lose or gain weight. Now, while there are many nutrition apps available nowadays that can help people achieve their nutritional goals, the whole process of manually monitoring and tracking one’s daily nutrition through these apps can still be complex, time-consuming, effort-intensive, and even to Somewhat imprecise method. Enter VersaWare, the next generation of smart kitchen appliances powered by a revolutionary nutrition-focused recipe – AI that can accurately track a user’s complete nutritional information at ultra-accurate metrics, ultimately providing people who want to eat healthy with an intuitive alternative to frustrating nutrition apps and cumbersome calorie-counting tools. thermal.

VersaWare is pioneering an entirely new approach to health and wellness centered around simplicity, personalization, and smart technology.

Who is VERSAWARE for?

Versaware is a new startup founded by Jacob Lindberg (CEO of VersaWare) and Creed McKinnon (Co-Founder of VersaWare), a duo of high-level athletes who personally found existing solutions to separate and ineffective nutrient and calorie monitoring, an issue most of their companies’ competitors deal with on a daily basis. . This is how it all began and how VersaWare was born.

The official VersaWare logo

According to McKinnon, “The traditional process of monitoring and tracking the food you eat is a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and frankly imprecise problem. Understanding a breakdown of what we eat shouldn’t be a burden, and we knew that data combined with the weight of the corresponding ingredients would make this process as quick and easy as possible.” It’s truly a game-changer for individuals who are interested in nutrition.”

In other words, the company was created with the goal of democratizing nutrition with next-generation smart kitchen appliances, which are powered by a revolutionary nutrition-focused recipe – AI and connected devices.

What are VERSAWARE smart kitchen appliances?

Basically, VersaWare’s sleek and easy-to-use product line consists of two different (x2) next-generation AI-powered smart kitchen appliances, the VersaWare Mixing Bowl and VersaWare Cutting Board.

VersaWare smart kitchen appliances
VersaWare mixing bowl (left). VersaWare cutting board (right)

Both VersaWare smart kitchen appliances feature waterproof housings, are designed to be washable, have a long battery life, and even feature Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows both devices to connect to the VersaWare app in order to sync all of their users. Collect nutrition data, allowing users to customize any meal to meet their desired nutritional goals.

Moreover, both VersaWare smart kitchen appliances are also powered by VersaWare’s own AI recipe, which allows users to get real-time nutrition details.

Thanks to the company’s innovative AI recipe, VersaWare’s smart kitchen appliances provide users with a cooking ecosystem tailored to their nutritional and health goals, all by simply combining healthy eating with a quick and efficient meal prep process.

How does VERSAWARE smart kitchen appliances work?

The VersaWare Mixing Bowl and VersaWare Cutting Board both come with built-in highly accurate weighing sensors that ultimately make both devices capable of ultra-accurate measurements down to a tenth of a gram.

VersaWare cutting board
VersaWare cutting board

Not only that, but as mentioned earlier, the brand’s innovative, nutrition-focused AI recipe engine is also built into each of VersaWare’s smart kitchen appliances, which, when paired with the VersaWare app, allows users to customize virtually any meal. It’s time to achieve their personal nutritional goals.

Unlike anything on the market today, VersaWare’s smart kitchen appliances allow users to specifically customize any meal to meet their desired nutritional goals without the hassle of estimating portion sizes or manually logging calories via cumbersome software.

VersaWare mixing bowl
VersaWare mixing bowl

To be more specific, when a user prepares a meal, they can simply scan barcodes (for packaged ingredients) and/or query (for fresh, unpackaged ingredients), then place those food ingredients on VersaWare’s AI-powered smart kitchen appliances in order to calculate Accurate nutrition values ​​for their meals, all of which they can see in real time.

Best of all, VersaWare’s Smart Kitchen Nutrition System has access to thousands of food products through a product database using an open API, eventually allowing almost every brand to be vetted by end users.

What are the future plans for VERSAWARE for next-generation smart kitchen appliances?

Right now, the company is focused on gathering investment interest from investors and crowdfunding, which is why they attended CES 2023 — which means making people aware of the next generation of smart kitchen appliances and hopefully getting potential investors.

The company is currently focused on moving away from the hardware side of things and is solely focused on developing and improving AI recipes and their abilities to scan nutritional data for all types of foods. In a year or two, they plan to license all of their developed hardware and then build a social community aspect of it by starting selling online.

VersaWare’s main goal with its lineup of next-generation smart kitchen appliances is to allow athletes of all backgrounds (meaning beginners and high-level athletes) the ability to see local recipes as well as seamlessly change their nutritional profile, which they plan to do through a subscription model. .

VersaWare has just finished shipping its production units to beta users, and data collection has begun.

Once enough investment money has been raised, the brand is looking to start a full production scale of its next generation of smart kitchen appliances, which is expected to start in summer 2023. On that note, people interested in purchasing VersaWare products can expect it to be available in about 6 to 9 months. As long as it’s funded, of course.

If you’re interested in learning more about the company and its next-generation smart kitchen appliances, just head over to VersaWare official website Where you can follow any updates.