Pros and cons of a digital mailbox or virtual mailbox

  • lekmin
  • Oct 22, 2022
digital mailbox

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Even though we live in a digital age, direct mail is still relevant today. Most mail is delivered directly to people’s homes or apartments. But in the end, whether you’re an individual or a business owner, it’s hard to keep up with your mail. You may want to spend money on a good virtual mailbox when that happens.

Let’s quickly define a virtual mailbox before we delve into the advantages and disadvantages of these services.

What is a virtual/digital mailbox?

With an internet connection, anyone can use a digital/virtual/cloud-based mailbox to receive, track, and organize mail more effectively from anywhere in the world. Most virtual mailbox Service providers give customers a choice of address locations, which is especially useful for businesses that require physical mailing addresses in many cities or states.

Users can start receiving mail, just like at any other address, once they choose a default mailbox provider and location for their address. When the service provider receives your mail, it scans the parcel or envelopes outside and uploads the image to an app. You can then decide what to do after viewing the scans in the app.

The default mailbox allows you to request various services for your mail, depending on the service provider, including opening and scanning, forwarding to a different address, shredding, recycling, and more. This also makes it easier for you to handle and organize your mail whenever and wherever you have an internet connection.

Now that we know exactly what a digital mailbox is and how it works, how about weighing the pros and cons to help you decide if you should get a virtual mailbox?

Benefits of a virtual mailbox

You should consider getting a virtual mailbox for the following reasons:

stay protected

Consider the inconvenience of losing your mail and packages to thieves and with them your confidential information. It can be shocking to become a victim of identity theft.

Virtual Mail Manager is a more private way to receive your mail if you are running your own business or need to keep your home address confidential for other reasons. It may also be safer than your residential mailbox, where anyone can access it because the real mailbox is locked and located inside a supervised post office.

A virtual mailbox may provide security if you are concerned about identity theft. Let’s not forget that it also protects your family members from any problems you may have with clients at work.

Instant access to your mail

As a business owner, you already know how important it is to read your mail as quickly as possible. If it doesn’t, you may miss out on a business opportunity or discard a file financial crisis.

The service provider handles your mail as soon as you sign up for the default mail service. They will scan every piece of mail, and then, send you the necessary information so you can take the next steps of action, including accessing your mail using any device, wherever you are.

You can easily make effective action judgments due to the straightforward nature of the entire procedure.

keep the same address

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Whether you’re moving places or a business entity is changing their location, it’s always common to try to change your mail address to sync with your new location. Many new companies often relocate their divisions and change their office locations. This can lead to a lot of misunderstanding and prevent the efficient flow of important commercial mail.

However, when using a virtual mailbox, you don’t have to worry about changing your address even when you move. Businesses and freelancers can benefit from having a static address using a virtual mailbox. For business owners who must focus on growing their company, this makes things a lot easier and noticeably less stressful.

24/7 online access

Unlike a regular post office, the online mailbox is open 24 hours a day, allowing you to access any mail that has been scanned and delivered anytime you need services. This can be especially useful if you are holding important mail, such as a check or customer response, or other urgent documents such as permits or invoices.

No mess at all

Virtual mailboxes can be a huge delay if receiving unnecessary mail bothers you too much. Cloud-based mailboxes make it easy for individuals and business owners to filter the types of mail they need to scan and deliver to their address. By doing this, organizations can clear offices of unnecessary items and keep them interested in what matters: expansion by operating as efficiently as possible.

Disadvantages of virtual mailbox

Using a digital mailbox isn’t always fun and exciting, as it comes with its fair share of drawbacks. From the extra fees that users have to forgo to its casual nature, here’s what you should expect on the other side.

Extra charge

In addition to the cost of rent, you may have to pay extra for certain services that an online mailbox provides. For example, default scanning and mail forwarding may cost extra. Mail forwarding costs may also vary depending on the size, weight, fragility or urgency of the package.

Parcel receiving is not working

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Since only online mailboxes can receive mail, forwarding packages from your default mailbox can be costly. If your package is too large, it may also be lost if it does not fit in your box or is returned to the sender.

It may seem informal to companies

A default mailbox may not be wise for your company if you are concerned about a professional image. Virtual mailboxes are professional and digital, but that’s not what every customer would think of anytime they hear about a mailbox. Many people associate mailboxes, virtual or physical, with legacy communication tools; Thus, using one of them will not present a professional image.


Using a digital/virtual mailbox is definitely something you should consider as a business owner. You won’t want to miss the efficiency of checking your mail from anywhere in the world when using a virtual mailbox. Moving into these digital chests will save you time so you can focus on critical work tasks. But don’t forget that you should only get it if it helps improve your business.