Electric cars with photovoltaic system

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  • Feb 04, 2023
Electric cars with photovoltaic system
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The demand for electric vehicles continues to increase exponentially all over the world. This is due to the sharp drop in battery storage costs, which have fallen by 40 percent in recent years and, according to experts, will decrease by two-thirds by 2040.

As a result, sales of battery electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles are also on the rise. In 2017 alone, more than 1 million new electric vehicles were registered, more than half of them in China. But a clear trend towards electric cars can also be seen in Europe. By owning an electric car with a photovoltaic system, you can drive in a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way.

Electric cars with photovoltaic systemIncreased demand for electric cars in Germany

In Germany, the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise exponentially. This is especially evident when you look at car manufacturers. So far this year alone, BMW has invested 4 billion euros in research and development of new storage technologies. By 2025, 12 fully electric cars will go into series production. The new electric motor should make e-cars cheaper and be completely free of rare earths.

Smart, a subsidiary of Daimler AG known worldwide for its small urban cars, has announced that it will switch entirely to electric vehicles in the next two years. Electric smart devices have only been available in the USA, Canada and Norway since 2017. The demand for electric vehicles in this country is currently very high. To meet demand, the company is already increasing production significantly.

In addition to Smart and BMW, Volkswagen also plans to turn into a massive manufacturer of electric vehicles. To this end, the Emden, Hanover and Zwickau plants will be completely converted to produce electric vehicles. With an electric car under 20,000 euros, they soon want to compete with Tesla, which currently dominates the market.

Increased demand for photovoltaic systems in Germany

But it is not only the demand for electric vehicles that is increasing exponentially in this country. Photovoltaic systems with electricity storage are more common in Germany than they have been for a long time. According to the Federal Network Agency, demand was up 65 percent at the start of 2018 compared to the previous year. The market size for electricity storage has tripled in the past three years.

This trend did not come as a surprise. Because your photovoltaic system, especially combined with an electricity storage system, has many advantages. First of all, you generate your own solar energy. This is more environmentally friendly than traditional coal or nuclear power. At an average of just 10 cents per kWh, it’s also much cheaper than traditional electricity from the grid.

With solar panel systemYou can cover about 35 percent of your electricity needs. In conjunction with battery storage, this value increases to 75 percent. This means savings of several hundred euros per year. Many solar system operators can’t just cut their electricity costs down to 0. Instead, they make money with their PV system by receiving an EEG fee.

Photovoltaic system in relation to your electric car

The photovoltaic system becomes particularly interesting if you are interested in purchasing an electric vehicle or already own one. Because operators off grid solar They can use the generated solar energy to charge their electric car, it is very easy – for example, with an electronic charging station in your garage.

The electric car does not need to be charged during the day. An energy storage unit allows the solar energy generated during the day to be stored and not consumed directly. This can then be used at a later time. So you can charge your electric car while you are sleeping in bed. This not only saves you a lot of time but also costs.

Because instead of charging the electric car with expensive and environmentally harmful electricity from the public grid, you use solar energy. This is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. The electric car can be fully charged in just a few hours and costs less than 5 euros. At the same time, you increase your self-consumption, use more solar energy, and save more money!

Driving the solar mobility transformation

Do you want to combine solar energy and electric mobility? With Toyota as a strong partner, this is now possible. Together we want to drive the mobility revolution and take the next step towards climate neutrality by combining solar energy with electric mobility.

With a solar powered solar system, you can produce green electricity for your home and at the same time be CO2 neutral on the road. True to its motto “Let’s go beyond zero,” Toyota wants to go beyond zero emissions – for example, with the new zero-emissions Toyota bZ4X.

Take the wheel of more climate protection into your hands now.

Electric vehicle and solar system – cost factor

If you already have a solar system or are considering installing one, an electric vehicle is the right choice. Conventional diesel or petrol engines are still ahead in terms of one-time purchase price. However, this circumstance will change in the foreseeable future. Because prices lithium iron phosphate The battery and, therefore, e-cars continue to run low rapidly.

Even today, buyers of electric vehicles are taking advantage of many advantages. They are exempt from motor vehicle tax for the first 10 years. At the same time, they receive a government buyout bonus of up to €4,000. In addition, there are often special purchase bonuses from individual manufacturers. Another perk: Employees who drive their electric cars to work can charge them for free, tax-free – if they make e-charging stations available. In addition, employees should receive additional tax benefits if they use an electric vehicle as a company vehicle.

Assuming the average storage capacity of the battery installed in an e-car is 40 kWh, this also performs well in terms of average costs per kilometer because a 10-cent cost per kWh for solar equates to only about €4.50 for the trip up to 400 km. For comparison: an economical diesel requires an average of 17 euros more fuel. The home electronic charging station is available for €1,500 and has paid for itself in no time.


Anyone who owns a solar system or is considering installing one should buy an electric car because electric cars are much more environmentally friendly. It can also be easily charged using specially generated solar energy. In this way, the self-consumption is greatly increased.

This saves more costs and makes your electric car a green and worthwhile investment. With an electronic charging station in the garage, the electric car can be easily charged at any time – thanks to the energy storage unit, even at night. Check the availability of your solar system with energy storage and wall box today!