Davensi announces DV Invest, a secure web-based investment app 3

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  • Mar 07, 2023
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Nowadays, investing in digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs can be very profitable. However, before committing to this type of investment, you must first choose the type of exchange platform that you will use.

On the one hand, you can resort to centralized exchange platforms, which provide investors with an additional layer of security and reliability for trading digital assets, as this type of exchange platform relies on a third party account or broker that monitors all trades to ultimately ensure that all transactions involving digital assets Safe and secure. However, there are still some downsides that come with using centralized exchange platforms, as they require traders to submit their personal information for verification to the third party entity that manages them before actually starting to buy and/or sell digital assets, as this helps to make each transaction Safe. Obviously, not everyone wants to share their personal data just to be able to invest in digital assets. Another major downside of using centralized exchange platforms is that since these platforms are run by third-party entities, they also require users to deposit funds into broker accounts, which is not only vulnerable to hacking, but also ends up putting those Users are at risk of losing their funds in case those entities go bankrupt.

Alternatively, you can instead move to decentralized exchange platforms, which, unlike centralized platforms, allow investors to buy and sell their digital assets without the need to deal with any intermediaries, as this type of exchange platform is designed to work on the basis of blockchain technology in order to allow In peer-to-peer trading, primarily relying on proxy tokens (i.e. security tokens/smart contracts) and self-trust wallets to carry out any transactions involving digital assets. The only potential drawbacks to using decentralized platforms are that they are difficult to regulate, and that some of these platforms can eventually prove unsafe for trading digital assets, as users can be vulnerable to scams such as pump-and-dump schemes. And the platforms themselves can also get their security codes hacked if they are not designed well.

Join Davinsi, which recently announced a smart investment app called the DV Invest app as part of its “DV Suite,” which aims to provide investors with a combination of the security and regulation of traditional finance along with the potential for high growth and diversification of decentralized finance.

Who is Davinsi?

Come here (originally called LordToken) is a 2-year-old Web3 financial services company originally launched by two serial entrepreneurs and headquartered in Montpellier, France that provides carbon efficient, compliance-ready, and Binance Cloud-based exchange platform that combines Web3 decentralized finance And market intelligence for smart digital asset trading, portfolio management and investments through a secure, smart and rich portal to Web3.

Come here
The official Davensi logo

When LordToken originally started as a crypto asset trading platform built on the Binance Cloud, Incredibly well funded, the company managed to raise $15.7 million from seasoned and heavyweight investors, influencers, well-known individuals, and the rest of the crypto community via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in the form of several rounds of token sales, for which funds were raised in two separate phases that respectively took place during November 2021. Then January 2022.

The newly renamed company name (“Davensi”) – which stands for Digital Assets Venture with Sustainable Impact – is a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci, as it takes a lot of ingenuity and wit to win in the Web3 space.

DaVinci CES 2023
DaVinci representatives at CES 2023

The reason why Davensi wants to turn to a web3 based decentralized finance service for a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows trading of web3 based digital assets is mainly because they are looking to solve the CeDeFi (centralised/decentralized finance) paradox, which basically comes down to 3 different problems: Findability, secure access, and risk management.

DaVinci CES 2023
Davensi is hosting a panel discussion on using Web3 for the Crypto exchange platform at CES 2023


The first problem that comes to a service based on Web 3, the possibility of finding it, is due to the fact that Web 3 is obviously decentralized and unguarded, as this model operates on the basis of blockchain technology, essentially making it a public infrastructure. For this reason, this model is also fragmented, resorting to the use of multiple blockchains, as well as many wallets, services, etc.), which not only makes it difficult to regulate, but may ultimately make it unsafe for investors, because it does not expose Not only do users risk scams such as pump-and-dump schemes, but it may also put any web3-based decentralized trading platform at risk of having their security tokens hacked.

Davensi is looking to solve this findability problem by offering its users a one-stop shop on Binance’s cloud-based CeDeFi crypto exchange via the DV Invest app.

secure access

The second problem with web3 is that since web3 is available to everyone (because web3 is a public infrastructure after all), basically anyone can build their own digital asset projects on web3, which basically results in nearly 80% of all Digital assets created in web3 are potentially financial scams. Moreover, digital assets created in web3 can be very difficult to organize.

To solve this problem of legality with digital assets, Davensi plans to offer curated content and curated digital assets through their own services (which the company built on Web 3), not only so that users can find their way in this currently fragmented Web 3 market, but ultimately to provide users with Secure and reliable access to all digital content offered on the Davensi platform.

Risk Management

The third and final issue that comes with web3 is risk management, as currently web3 is not very secure, not only due to the fact that some digital assets may not be safe to invest in, but more importantly, because these assets can eventually exist themselves as risks potential investment within a very short period of time, just like The final demise of FTXthe popular cryptocurrency exchange that suddenly dropped from its estimated value of $32 billion to almost nothing in just 36 hours.

Davensi aims to solve this risk management problem by providing intelligent risk monitoring tools (more specifically AI/ML based portfolio management automation tools) like Node that are designed by high performing traders and data scientists in order to let their users feel safe on the cryptocurrency exchange platform. Her own.

In a recent interview, Davenport CEO Sophie Lau He said “Collectively, we have destroyed the world for the sake of progress, and we at Davensi believe it is time to move to Web3 for a more socially responsible world. We believe that through Web3 and decentralized finance (DeFi) we can power a more sustainable and globally inclusive economy, because it is available to all , and domestically, because it is adaptable to moral, cultural, and even religious principles.”

Davenport CEO Sopheap Lao
Davensi CEO, Sopheap Talks Using Web3 for Crypto Exchange Platform at CES 2023

Davensi’s newly announced DV Invest app aims to fix and prevent all three of these web3-related issues (findability, secure access and risk management) and ultimately enhance every investor’s journey within the Web3 space by offering a combination of the security and regulation of traditional finance alongside Potential high growth and diversification of decentralized finance.

What is the DV INVEST app?

Essentially, the DV Invest app is a smart investment application that combines several Web3-based regulated financial services in order to ultimately provide end users with access to high-performance, risk-monitored, intelligent digital asset trading, reliable DeFi investment strategies, as well as portfolio management automation tools. Smart, and a wide range of new investment opportunities in a multitude of digital assets including cryptocurrencies, tokens, security tokens, tokenized assets and NFTs, all coordinated in accordance with Environmental Sustainability Management (ESG) standards.

Ultimately, the DV Invest app provides users with a 360-degree overview of all their digital assets while at the same time providing them with the ability to actively monitor the performance of their investments in real time.

How does the DV INVEST app work?

By using the DV Invest app, users will have secure access to a wide range of ESG-curated digital assets, access to risk-monitored smart tools such as nodes, along with access to various DeFi (decentralized finance) strategies. investing, and most importantly, access to AI/ML-based portfolio management automation tools designed by high-performance quantitative traders and data scientists (including intelligent automated rebalancing), all available in one place that makes everything accessible to assets understand, and most importantly, easy and safe to use for any future investments in digital assets.

Last but not least, Davensi has also partnered with ESG recognized experts and institutions to develop the Davensi Sustainability Impact Index (DSI), a unique and innovative assessment tool that measures users’ net environmental impact of their investments managed in the Davensi platform.

What are Davini’s future plans for DV INVEST?

Prior to officially launching the DV Invest app, Davensi plans to launch an early pre-sale campaign for the Smart Investments app, which will begin during the first quarter of 2023.

The DV Invest app is scheduled to go live during the second quarter of 2023 with rolling subscriptions.

If you are interested in learning more about the DV Invest app, consider visiting Davensi official website.