Cloverland has revolutionized online gambling with its Metaverse powered casino

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  • Jan 25, 2023

There is no denying that the gambling industry has experienced a huge growth in the past two decades thanks to the growing popularity of casinos and casino games. For this reason, gambling has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in modern society today. However, while the world of online gambling and online casinos has come a long way thanks to current technology since its original inception (which occurred shortly after the invention of the Internet in the mid-1990s), most of the online casino sites that operate today still lack something. very important. This of course provides players with a certain level of immersion as they engage in gambling. Obviously, nothing compares to the real-world, personal experience of playing at a physical casino, especially since humans are a social creature after all. However, this does not mean that online casino companies cannot explore the concept of immersion, because nowadays there are technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) that can make anyone’s online casino experience more immersive. This is exactly what JM2 Clover Gaming aims to deliver with its newly announced online casino platform called Cloverlandwhich is the first gambling site to use the Metaverse in order to use NFT to manage their entire system.

Who is JM2 Clover Gaming for?

JM2 Clover Gaming is a one year old company based in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic that has developed an interactive gaming platform called Cloverland, which aims to bring the best elements of a typical land-based gambling experience to the dedicated Metaverse. Cloverland’s unique Metaverse allows the platform to offer a truly immersive gambling experience in the form of a 3D virtual environment where players can communicate with each other as if they were in an actual casino, thus providing a real casino experience to all users.

Official Cloverland logo

Their gambling platform uses the most advanced 3D imagery on the market to provide their future players with a highly realistic experience, all while at the same time allowing for an easy and secure gambling experience through the use of blockchain technology.

According to JM2 Clover Gaming CEO Jean-Mathieu Marinetti, “Cloverland will bring together all the advantages of both worlds, physical and online casinos, to deliver an immersive and interactive experience for players and others who love the atmosphere of casinos.

How does the Cloverland gambling platform work?

Cloverland is primarily designed to function as a Metaverse-powered interactive immersive gaming platform with fully interoperable technology that uses advanced XR (Extended Reality) technology to make its high-quality graphics possible, while also leveraging blockchain technology to be able to offer the real feel of a real casino.


Cloverland also integrates the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool, Unreal Engine (which supports VR (virtual reality) and XR environment development, including custom location creation in the metaverse) in order to ultimately provide their players with an unparalleled experience in The growing online casino market.

These new technologies allow Cloverland to give its players the ability to gamble in the company’s own native cryptocurrency, called CLOV tokens, which is securely managed by the same blockchain technology.

CLOV codes
CLOV Tokens – Cloverland’s native cryptocurrency

Not only that, but the combination of XR technology and blockchain technology also allows players to create a full-body 3D avatar using avatars, which they can then use as their own virtual character in Cloverland’s Metaverse.

Since Cloverland runs on a cross-chain framework that is supported by different devices, the platform is compatible with any web browser, any mobile device, and even with XR/VR headsets. However, players can interact with each other regardless of their device, even if they don’t have access to an XR/VR headset.

All Cloverland players will also have a personal NFT, which will primarily be used as an “Access ID” or “Personal Card”. As such, each visitor will need to create their own NFT in order to access all of the games and services Cloverland has to offer.

Cloverland player’s personal NFTs and collectible NFTs

Cloverland currently offers players a total of four (x4) casino games, which include poker, Black Jack, slots, and roulette, but the company also plans to bring more casino games in the foreseeable future. according to The official white paper of CloverlandThe platform will not be limited to offering only standard casino games. In the future, players will also be able to make sports bets, bet on esports players, or even play chess with moving pieces.

Thanks to blockchain technology, each player’s personal NFT can be used and will be used to increase the win/loss ratio of certain games, as well as to track the time each player spends playing in the casino to help control any potential level of adding, as well as to find out the liquidity of each casino game/match of In order to ensure that financial flows are tracked and the ranking of each player in the various casino games is determined.

Cloverland player’s personal NFTs (used for blockchain tracking purposes)

Cloverland players are also provided with higher winnings through custom NFTs. More specifically, every minute spent playing a Cloverland game or participating in a Cloverland event will increase the value of the player’s personal NFT, as well as the value of the casino game they are playing. The algorithm will calculate the value of each player, which will determine their ranking based on the data collected (inside and outside the casino results, behavior).

There will be a total of eight (x8) different ranks available to Cloverland players, which, from the lowest level to the highest level, will be: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Diamond, Grandmaster, and Legendary. A player’s rating will essentially allow an increase (i.e. level up) that player’s earnings in certain games.

Ranking system 8 levels of Cloverland

Note that a player’s personal NFT cannot be traded or sold. However, in addition to the player’s personal NFT, there will also be collectible NFTs in the form of Mythical Casino Artwork with brand-specific themes that can be purchased using CLOV tokens via the “NFT Collector” (for which this system will be released at a later date). This includes NFT offers, tickets to top notch events taking place at the casino, and more.

If you are interested in knowing more about JM2 Clover Gaming interactive gambling platform, visit Cloverland official website.

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