Best Delicious Life Combs for Pets – Next Generation Canine Dental Treat

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  • Jun 16, 2023
Delicious combs

As all dog owners know, every dog ​​loves to eat the occasional dog food, which they will surely chew on with tons of joy and excitement. However, it is still important for dog owners to regularly track their dental and oral health. This is mainly because, just like humans, dogs can also suffer from oral health issues such as bad breath, toothache, plaque buildup due to the buildup of saliva, bacteria, and food on their teeth, as well as tartar buildup. Because of the hardening of the plaque layer, which in the worst case can lead to serious periodontal disease. Now, the best ways to support your dog’s oral and dental health is to brush their teeth on a regular basis, and also to give them dog dental treats, which are specially formulated to help support dental care, as this type of dog treats can greatly help to remove accumulated plaque from their teeth and better maintain their hygiene throughout their lives. One great option for dog dental treats for dog owners to go with is Pets Best Life Yummy Combs.

The Pets Best Life Yummy Combs are next generation dental care treats that are formulated to help enhance dental and oral care in dogs, as they are crafted in a unique six-sided honeycomb shape that helps in flossing and scrubbing tartar. buildup in the gum line, while also containing all the important ingredients the body needs to function properly, including 44% high-quality animal protein specifically obtained from chicken meal, many natural ingredients, and also 12 healthy ingredients that particularly help promote Overall wellness, as well as heart health, joint health, digestive health, as well as skin and coat health.

Designed and formulated to deliver an especially more complete brushing than other dental care snacks, these delicious, highly nutritious, high-functional dental care chews for dogs make daily flossing a real treat for dogs, while also ensuring that they also receive many other health benefits to ensure they can enjoy. Live a healthy, comfortable and happy life.

Now, let’s talk a little more about Best Life Yummy Combs, review all the different ingredients used to make these dental care dog treats, see exactly how the six-sided honeycomb shape is designed to work, and discuss the many health benefits they can offer. For your dog’s health, then analyze all of their pricing options.

ingredients used

Starting with the ingredients that go into making Better Life Pet Combs, know that these next generation dental grooming treats are specially formulated to contain a total of 45 key ingredients, which, as mentioned earlier, represent all the important ingredients your dog’s body needs to function properly, All carefully balanced and blended in just the right order.

One of the main ingredients is 44% high quality animal protein obtained specifically from chicken meal. With that said, it’s important that the Yummy Comb does not contain chicken by-product meal (which can include other parts of the chicken such as chicken feet, uncooked eggs, intestines, and clean organs) or modified food starches, as many other types of chews actually do. So, they are ingredients that can trigger food allergies or food sensitivities in dogs.

Delicious combs
Pets best combs life delicious

What’s more is that out of these 45 essential ingredients, Yummy Combs are made with 38 all-natural ingredients that are grain-free, non-GMO, and also gluten-free to ensure that dogs get all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals their body needs while avoiding causing In any food sensitivities or food sensitivities.

Finally, among the 45 key ingredients that are used to make these next-generation dental care treats, there are also 12 healthy ingredients that specifically help promote overall health, as well as heart health, joint care, digestive health, and also healthy skin and coat.

These ingredients include glucosamine and chondroitin, honey, salmon oil, turmeric, casein, cellulose, attapulgite clay, lecithin, sodium tripolyphosphate, edible fatty acids, vitamins, and yucca shigira.

How does the unique honeycomb shape work?

As we mentioned before, the Pets Best Life yummy combs are specially made in a unique and highly functional six-sided honeycomb shape, which is exactly what allows these dog grooming combs to be such a great help in cleaning canine teeth as well as cleaning tartar. Buildup at the gum line.

Their unique honeycomb shape also helps keep all of the delicate ingredients that go into making dog treats dental while they are being produced, and also helps deter potential ingestion, instead making them easy and interesting for dogs to chew on rather than swallow. all.

What’s more is that these dental dog treats are also made with a thin-walled design that not only speeds their solubility (ie solubility), but also helps speed up digestion so your dog can benefit from their great nutritional content.

Most importantly, Yummy Combs are specially made through a proprietary process that ensures that all the valuable ingredients that make up them are properly absorbed during digestion.

Major health benefits

In terms of the main health benefits that Pets Best Life Yummy Combs offer to your dog, firstly, and as already noted, their unique six-sided honeycomb shape greatly helps clean their teeth and clean away tartar buildup at the gum line. .

On top of that, the 12 wellness ingredients also help promote overall health, heart health, joint care, digestive health, as well as skin and coat health. Having gone through each of the twelve wellness ingredients, their main health benefits are as follows:

  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin – supports joint mobility,
  • honey – strengthens immunity,
  • salmon oil – provides a healthy shine to the coating,
  • turmeric – relieves pain and helps break down fats,
  • casein – supports muscle strength,
  • cellulose – aids digestion and intestinal health,
  • attapulgite clay – for polishing teeth with fine minerals,
  • lecithin – promotes digestion,
  • sodium tripolyphosphate – softens dental tartar,
  • edible fatty acids – offer antibacterial benefits,
  • vitamins – support overall health,
  • Yucca schidigera – reduces odors inside and out.

Presentation tips

Finally, on how to feed Best Life Yummy Combs to your pup, know that Dental Care dog treats should only be fed to adult dogs at least 6 months old (or older).

Delicious combs
FEED A DOG One of life’s most delicious treats for pets

Note that you should only feed your pup one treat a day and no more. Additionally, remember to always supervise your dog’s chewing habits and provide him with plenty of fresh water so that he can drink whatever water he needs to quench his thirst as well as to make it easier for these dogs to chew.

Finally, we also want to mention that they were designed with your dog’s size in mind, as they are available in a total of five (x5) different sizing options, which are:

  • Extra Small (XS) For adult dogs weighing between 5.5 lbs. to 12 lbs.;
  • small (small) For adult dogs weighing between 13 lbs. to 25 lbs.;
  • Medium For adult dogs weighing between 26 lbs. to 50 lbs.;
  • large For adult dogs weighing between 51 lbs. to 100 lbs.;
  • extra large (xl) For adult dogs over 100 lbs.
Available in 5 different size options – XS / S / M / L / XL

As such, dog owners can choose the size most appropriate for their dog’s breed when calculating size and weight.

On a final note, you should also keep in mind that if swallowing is a concern for your dog, know that you should always choose one size larger than what is recommended for your dog’s weight.

Pricing and availability

If you are interested in purchasing the Best Life Delicious Pet Comb, know that the 12 oz. A bundle of these dental care treatments will cost you either $22.99 or $23.99, depending on which size option you decide to use. Additionally, the company also sells 24 oz. Value packs are $45.98 per box.

Note that although all sizing options have the same weight in dog treats, they still come with a different amount of reward due to the different sizing options.

Packs are available in 5 different size options

You can order it online now, either directly from Bestlife pet shopping pageAlternatively, you can Get it from AmazonBeside from Chewyfrom petsmartas well as who Pet supermarket.