What are stablecoins?

  • lekmin
  • Nov 15, 2022

Cryptocurrencies can be described as virtual or digital currencies that are secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to double-spend or counterfeit. They are theoretically immune to government manipulation or interference because they are not generally issued by any central authorities. The currency offers many perks, including low-cost transactions, more privacy, portfolio diversification opportunities, and cross-border payments, among many others.

You can use cryptocurrency to pay for various purchases, including cars, food, drinks, appliances, furniture, or electronics. Some online casinos also list cryptocurrencies as a way to deposit and withdraw money from gambling sites. despite Spin casino mobile Not one of them, you can still take advantage of the many banking options it provides. Aside from that, let’s explore one of the additions to the cryptocurrency known as Stablecoins, which allows you to learn all the important details about the coin.

What are stablecoins?

Stablecoins refer to cryptocurrencies whose value is pegged or linked to external references. It can be commodity prices such as gold/oil or currencies such as the US dollar. They aim to offer an alternative to the popular and highly volatile type of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, by providing a relatively stable price. Stablecoins seek price stability by holding reserve assets as collateral or using mathematical formulas to control supply. Examples of popular stablecoins are:

  • USDT (US Dollar Tether)
  • USDC (US dollar currency)
  • UST (tera US dollars)

All coins are traded at a ratio of 1:1 with the US dollar holding value regardless of market influence. These coins are ideal for sharing your daily value, but unfortunately only a few accept this payment method. Many people use stablecoins as a method of payment when exchanging other popular cryptocurrencies. Some traders use it to get out of the market when it is uncertain.

Classes of stablecoins

When talking about the types of stablecoins, it is important to mention that they are backed by multiple sources, such as coins, algorithms, and guaranteed functions. However, check out the main types of stablecoins.

Different types of stablecoins

  1. Fiat Supported Coins: Also known as IOUsThey strive to offer relatively modest price volatility because you will be spending your fiat money like dollars to buy coins. After that, you can also exchange it for your native currency. But this does not mean that currencies are risk free. They are still relatively new to the market, which may mean that some of the risks are unknown. BUSD (Binance USD coin) is a famous example.
  2. Asset-Based Coins: These are related to different asset types such as real estate, gold or silver. An example of a stablecoin directly linked to the price of gold is XAUT (Tether Gold).
  3. Supported cryptocurrencies: These are backed by other cryptocurrencies and covered by additional safeguards to protect stability. This is because the asset backing the currency may be very volatile. It is also known to be less reliable when compared to fiat-backed stablecoins. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor the performance of the underlying crypto-asset behind the coins before choosing a crypto-backed stablecoin. DAI stablecoins It is an example of a decentralized currency that runs on the Ethereum network and is pegged to the US dollar.
  4. Arithmetic stablecoins: There are no assets that back these currencies which makes them the most difficult to understand. They use computer algorithms to protect the value of the coins from changing too much.

Benefits of using stablecoins

There are several reasons why you should consider using stablecoins, such as:

  • stability – Price stability is one of the biggest advantages of coins. It is a relief, especially for people who use cryptocurrency daily and have to deal with high volatility when the prices of the largest cryptocurrencies fluctuate.
  • Coins are used Super fast blockchain technologywhich means that it is possible to make quick payments when compared to other methods such as traditional banking transactions.
  • Worldwide availability Stablecoins are not limited to national borders. It’s easy to send coins domestically, just as it is internationally. Since they use blockchain technology, the transparency in the system is increased. Anyone can view transactions in blockchain stores.

Choose the best stablecoin

In principle, stablecoins have many things in common. Remember that they also have major differences; Hence, you need to be careful about the currencies you want to work with. For example, the way currencies work may be different. One might fully cover $1 to $1, and the other might focus more on privacy. Therefore, it is necessary to compare the most commonly used stablecoins while noting their advantages and disadvantages to choose the one that you feel will serve your interests in the best possible way.


Stablecoin was introduced to the market in an effort to create a stable cryptocurrency that would protect consumers from the extreme price swings seen when using a popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. If you are not sure what stablecoins are, the article highlights the key details you should know about stablecoins to know if they are right for you.