The sharing economy puts the sea in the water with Click & Boat Rental

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  • Sep 30, 2022
The sharing economy puts the sea in the water with Click & Boat Rental

A common saying among boat owners and enthusiasts is: “The happiest two days in anyone’s life are the day they bought the boat and the day they sold the boat.” While it is intended to be humorous, the meaning of this saying applies to many amid the various costs and complications associated with boat ownership.

One company called Click and boatOften seen as the “AirBnB of the sea,” it offers a third, blissful option: the ability to charter a private boat or yacht every day. Service can give you the life of a yachtman without the daily expenses or responsibilities of boat ownership.

Click & Boat offers over 40,000 private and professional boat owners around the world in some of the world’s most attractive destinations, from Croatia to the Caribbean, from Ibiza to Italy, and plenty of choice across the US… from Deep seas to lakes all over the country.

Choose from pontoons for lagoon sailing, electric boats for small waterways and inlets, dhows or dhows, sailboats for the “bay” cation, trawlers for fishing, or a yacht for a more luxurious excursion.

Rent a half, full day or multiple days while you plan your own adventure, invite friends and family to join you on board if you wish, and even choose extra luxuries like an onboard chef, captain or full service crew to ensure you and your guests are fully catered for.

It’s easy to find a boat that fits your needs. Simply visit Click & Boat dot com to select the desired location, cruise dates and type of vessel. A list of available ships with photos and descriptions will be at your fingertips with options to contact the owners directly with any questions before committing.

I recently participated in a Click & Boat yacht trip in South Florida and was impressed with the ease and efficiency of this experience. In my quest to learn more about this exciting addition to the Gig Economy, I recently contacted a spokesperson for Click & Boat to find out more. Here is a little bit of that conversation.

MK: First, in short, how would you describe Click & Boat in simple terms?

C & B: We are a unique travel agency for all things on the water. We create a complete experience to cover your travel needs, from day or hourly cruises to week-long cruises and more. That is whether it is domestic or international sailing, we are available in more than 600 global destinations.

MK: What inspired the service?

Founders Edouard Jouriux and Jeremy Bismuth made a simple remark during one of their visits to marinas in southern France. On average, they realized that the use of boats is relatively rare. In the United States alone, most boats only use an average of 54 out of 365 days a year. Boat maintenance, insurance, and mooring are expensive, with annual expenses representing, on average, 10% of the boat price per year. They saw this as a problem and an expense for the owner. He inspired this solution in the form of the Click & Boat collaborative platform development. It is based on participation and trust, allowing boat owners to earn money with confidence and security.

MK: Who is best suited for Click & Boat?

C & B: Click & Boat software makes boating accessible to anyone and everyone – no matter what type of boat or body of water is required. From individuals, to groups, families and advanced sailors, everyone has the opportunity to charter a ship – with or without a captain – to ensure they have the most relaxing experience on the water…no matter where in the world they are.

The platform allows any boat owner to create a free listing by adding photos, description, price and advice for the sailing area. From there, charterers looking for the perfect vessel can contact the owner directly using the Click & Boat messaging service.

Owners also have access to the charterer’s sailing history and can confidently select the right sailors for their boats. Charterers can choose between the option of a skipper or without a skipper to ensure that their planned boat trip goes off without any hiccups.

MK: What sets this service apart from other players in the boat-sharing space?

C & B: We offer a dedicated advisor available to assist potential charterers in finding the perfect boat or yacht for their cruise based on the exact needs of the charterer. We have the most competitive offer globally. With more than 40,000 vessels available including motorboats, sailboats, ribs, boats and more, future users can navigate through 171000 online user reviews Proving that Click & Boat is a trustworthy platform that puts boat trips in the right direction. And, of course, we have a policy to cancel the weather when Mother Nature needs her moments. All of our rentals come with insurance for extra peace of mind.

Additional amenities can be provided for each menu, so users can select the one that best suits their flight needs to make the experience more personalized and unique. This can include food, drink, entertainment, and more.

MK: Is a group outing a friendly app?

C & B: definitely! Our app makes booking a boat simple and easy for the user. With it, users can select and share details about the boats they are interested in with groups of friends and family, making the shared experience especially suitable for group cruises. In the world of revolutionary technology, Click & Boat has over 250 people on the team who are constantly working to fit the needs of the platform and users, and we are constantly innovating to ensure a seamless experience.

MK: How would you sum up the service approach to hospitality – in a maritime sense?

C & B: Simply put, Click and Boat makes the dream of boating a reality for everyone. Taking the boat outside has a certain magical feeling that we want all users to feel. Throughout the user experience, our main passion is to make sure that everyone is comfortable throughout the time they spend on board. We want to keep the flame burning for someone who is a frequent sailor and kindle a passion for those who are new to the water. The perspective of seeing the shoreline from the water is indescribable, so our goal is to create memories on the water and create stories that will be told to the user forever. The Click & Boat community aims to grow lifelong boating enthusiasts. It’s a great resource for those seeking to see things from a new perspective. Through our recent partnership with Boats Group, our goal is to continue to provide the best possible experience as a global leader in the recreational marine industry.

MK: Any surprising facts about the service?

C & B: Click & Boat has one ambassador and happens to be the record-holding master of the seas. Fran├žois Jabart, who holds the record for the fastest circumnavigation of the world (42 days, 16 hours, 32 minutes to be exact), is a proponent of Click & Boat and an advocate of water exploration. It is such an honor to partner with such a respected sailor, and to know that he represents Click & Boat both at home and abroad.

With so many options to choose from at a myriad of price points, there’s never been a better time or opportunity than now to get around the water. So, when you’re ready to hopping on your next vacation or even just a full or half-day outing, consider getting out of the way and embarking on an unforgettable boat adventure.


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