The catalog of Marilyn Monroe’s historical portrait will be sold as an NFT digital collection on the Metaverse

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  • Oct 07, 2022
The catalog of Marilyn Monroe's historical portrait will be sold as an NFT digital collection on the Metaverse

Historically significant release of nearly 100 rarely seen Norma Jeane portraits of legendary photographer Richard C. Miller drops Like fine art photography NFTs

Just in time for gift giving season, NFT fine art photography pioneer and industry pioneer Vto. Unveiled “Creating Impact” – a curated digital collection in honor of one of the most photographed women in history: Norma Jeane. This historically significant catalog features images captured through the lens of legendary photographer Richard C. Miller – the only photographer to have photographed the Hollywood icon from the beginning of her career as Norma Jeane, to the end of her career as legendary actress, singer and socialite, Marilyn Monroe.

This exceptionally exclusive edition of the Norma Jeanne Collection by Miller, which has been exhibited, collected and sold by reputable institutions around the world such as the Getty Museum and Christie’s and represents the most recent edition of Phto. starlet during the 1940s and 1950s to be sold as NFT digital collectibles for fine art photography for the first time.

This unparalleled iconic collection includes both original photographic and film negatives in which Miller depicts Norma Jeane’s transformation from her early years as a shy, unknown 19-year-old rising talent with the armed forces attachment to the beloved American actress, singer, and generational icon. , Marlin Monroe. The evolutionary catalog includes images from film auditions and magazine covers, throughout the height of her career as a global phenomenon and leading cinematic lady in classic films such as “Some like it hot.

Vto. He has licensed nearly 100 of Norma Jeane/Marilyn Monroe’s rarely seen photos and films as limited edition and 1 of 1 Fine Art Photography NFT, each of which comes complete with a first-of-its-kind, original blockchain certificate of authenticity. Uniquely featuring stunning portraits of the potential star as an aspiring teen and the power of Hollywood, NFT’s vibrant mid-century digital fine art collection will go on sale Friday, October 14.The tenth In all reputable digital asset markets. The group preview can be viewed at

Included in his limited edition “Innovation of Influence”, Phto. It will also auction off a series of 1-on-1 mixed media and AI collaborations with five popular Web3 creatives: Claire Silver, Jeremy Cowart, Sarah Bowman (aka Sparky), Geneva, and Amber Vittoria. Each artist will put their signature style on a unique image from the Miller Collection, further amplifying and demonstrating the capabilities of fine art photography as a digital asset.

Vto. is a leading Fine Art Photography NFTs and industry leader. The company licenses the rights to iconic photography catalogs and collections from the world’s best photographers, carefully curated to the Metaverse’s greatest digital collectors. With a complex knowledge of blockchain technology coupled with decades of experience in fine art photography, Phto. A team collaborates with world-class photographers to bring their artworks to new audiences through a one-of-a-kind digital collecting experience. From the start, Phto. The NFT Editions are said to have generated over $750,000 USD in total sales.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to honor the legacy of Norma Jean and Richard C. Miller while promoting the standard and provenance of digital ownership in the world of fine art photography,” said Phto. “It has been an honor to oversee the collection and we are pleased to present these rare and historic photographs to an audience of fine art enthusiasts and digital collectors around the world.”


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