Pokies Old Slots with jackpots is getting more popular in 2023

  • lekmin
  • Apr 20, 2023
Pokies Old Slots with jackpots is getting more popular in 2023

Progressive jackpots are the highest rewards players can get in online casinos. Earnings from accessing prize pools are unmatched by regular earnings, promotion benefits or any other system available on a gambling website. However, the most popular pokeies slot With a progressive jackpot feature are titles that were released about a decade ago. It is an unexpected phenomenon that has several reasons behind it.

Popularity versus reward

First things first, it is essential to understand that the size of the progressive prize pool depends on how many players have the specific title in which it is offered. The prize pool is increased with every bet made in the game, so there is a direct relationship between its size and the popularity of the game.

This leads to the number one reason why the leading progressive jackpot slot games in 2023 are long-running titles. The day these machines were released was a huge event for every title of this type. Firstly, there weren’t a lot of new slot machines coming out regularly in general, which meant the competition wasn’t as intense. Secondly, the progressive jackpot phenomenon itself was very new, and players were excited about it. Last but not least, these titles have been heavily advertised by gambling platforms, expanding their player bases even further.

Combined, these three factors have made it very easy for the first progressive jackpot slots to pop up. Almost every new game in this category immediately received a huge amount of interest from gamers. Moreover, every time a huge jackpot is hit, the media picks it up and covers it on TV and online, based on the already strong trend set by these slots.

player retention

It’s important to understand why the pioneers of the genre were so successful, but it doesn’t help that modern poker titles can’t replicate the success. To understand this, it is enough to look at the matter from the players’ perspective. Whenever a new progressive jackpot machine is released, users can choose between the old game and the new game.

There are several obvious reasons why gamers would prefer the old game in this state. First of all, the previous title already has a huge prize pool that users have been contributing to for months. Secondly, the old and specified address already has a history of successful payments. Finally, the old game is simply more available in online casinos than in newer casinos. Although it is quite logical, it was certainly not expected at the time when this genre was born.

What is the future?

With this in mind, it is reasonable for players to wonder if the trend is going to continue and they will have to keep grinding old and great poker games looking for huge payouts. The good news is that there are already some precedents in the industry that will help developers solve the problem.

Many solutions can be applied to help new games compete with progressive jackpot games published more than a decade ago, and many software providers are already applying these technologies to their games.

The first approach is simply about making a good, interesting game that has selling points other than the progressive jackpot feature. It enables the slot to have a natural flow of players, thus increasing its prize pool. The second method is more complicated, but at the same time more efficient. It is about offering progressive jackpots that are shared among many games. Playtech’s Age of the Gods series is a great example of this. Each new slot machine in the series contributes to the global prize pool.