Measuring the quality of construction project management

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  • Mar 31, 2023
Measuring the quality of construction project management

The quality of project management determines how well the project is managed and how successful it is.

But how do you measure the quality of project management? In reality, What is construction project management?

Construction project management means organizing and directing every part of the construction life cycle, from planning and ideation to completion. It is the foundation of the project, as it determines the schedule, resources and budget used.

In this guide, we discuss how you can measure the quality of construction project management. We also talk about some key performance indicators that you can measure.

What is the measure of quality in construction project management?

Quality measurement involves the analysis, assessment, evaluation and control of a construction project throughout its life cycle. The goal is to identify potential problems before they cause problems or disruptions.

The value of new private construction in the United States is $1,429 billion. With such a large investment in space, effective project management is mandatory.

What is the quality incident?

To understand quality measurement in detail, it is necessary to understand what a quality incident is. It is a single predictive quality measure that captures whether or not quality processes have been performed correctly. There are four basic categories of quality incidents:

  • Water leak – Includes any water event, such as a site, system, or weather, that has damaged an existing building structure or required cleanup efforts.
  • Missing major project activity – A project activity is any task that construction workers have to complete on a project. Some examples of project activities include welding, painting, and electrical work. If the project team is unable to complete an activity in the predetermined and planned time, then this is a major missing project activity.
  • major paraphrase – Did the project require any major rework worth over a certain threshold, such as $2,500? Has this re-work affected the design partners, contractors, project owner, or project schedule?
  • failed test – Any test involves failing the project team and expecting it to pass.

What information should you capture for quality incidents?

When using quality incidents to measure the quality of construction project management, it is critical to track several key metrics. These include:

  • business class (Water leakor you missed a major project activity, major rework, or failed test)
  • The time it takes to solve the problem
  • The cost of the decision
  • Whether the problem has been completely fixed

These metrics will help you understand how well the project team has managed a particular incident. You can also use some additional information, such as the main cause of the accident, implications for the schedule, category, etc.

How do you measure the quality of construction project management?

You can measure the quality of construction project management quantitatively or qualitatively. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages.

Qualitative measurement

There are many factors that affect project quality. some of them:

  • Clear communication with all stakeholders
  • Define project milestones and deadlines and adhere to them
  • Achieving budget targets
  • Having a clear and organized plan of action
  • Ensure that all relevant staff are properly trained
  • Ensure that any required permits or licenses are obtained

You can measure these factors qualitatively by giving them a score on a scale of 0 to 10. It will give you an indication of how well the project managers are doing in each area.


Most project teams choose to quantify project management quality because it is easy to track, analyze, and compare. Quantitative measures may be process or product.

process metrics

Process metrics measure how well processes are implemented in a construction project. These indications include:

  • process loops – The process loop determines whether the process allows you to achieve the desired output. Your process is in a loop if you have to go back to a previous step or activity, and repeat the path of the process once or many times.
  • change process – In this measure, you evaluate the performance of construction operations against the goals you set for them during planning. By understanding this, you can determine if there is room for improvement or if you are on the right track.
  • Process developments – It evaluates changes in the process made over time to improve its performance.
Product metrics

Product metrics look at the tangible results of a project. These metrics can include:

Ease of use – Are the deliverables of the construction project (building or structure) easy to use? Does it serve the purpose for which it was made?

  • durability – Does the product meet industry standards for longevity and wear resistance? Ideally, you should get the highest possible score on this scale.
  • Quality – How good is the structure? Are they constructed using quality materials? Does it look aesthetically pleasing?
  • Compatibility – If the construction project involves creating something specific, such as a building with custom dimensions, does the outcome match your plans? The same applies to buildings built with specific area restrictions and weather conditions in mind.

Response to measure the quality of construction project management

Therefore, I measured the quality of construction project management using various metrics. How do you respond to this data?

The most important way to respond to the data collected from quality measurement metrics is to use it as a means of improvement. Assume that your process metrics show that processes are taking longer than expected. Here’s what you should do:

  • Determine the cause Delay. Do you suffer from a shortage of work? Is there a shortage of resources? Or are there communication failures?
  • Once the cause is identified, develop solutions to address it. For example, if you are experiencing a labor shortage, consider outsourcing tasks or hiring more team members.
  • Create a timeline for implementing solutions and document them for accountability.

The key is not just to measure the quality of construction project management for it but to use the data for improvement. Review your metrics regularly and use them as a basis for success.

When is the quality of construction project management measured?

The ideal time to measure the quality of construction project management is in the middle of a project when a significant portion of the project has been completed. It’s a perfect time – never too early and never too late. You still have time to make improvements and prevent disruptions.


Measuring the quality of construction project management is essential because it allows you to gauge whether the project is progressing as expected. You can measure the quality of construction project management in terms of quantity or type, depending on your preferences and the structure of your project.

After you have collected the data, use it as a source of improvement and review it regularly to ensure that you are achieving all of your goals.

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