Lumina Webcam – Studio Quality 4K AI Smart Webcam

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  • Sep 30, 2022
Lumina Webcam - Studio Quality 4K AI Smart Webcam

Anyone who participates in video calls and/or video conferences on a regular basis knows that two things are required before engaging in these calls. The first is the easiest, and obviously has a microphone or headphone to pick up your voice. The second is having a proper webcam to ensure your video quality is good enough for video calls and video conferencing. Now, even though there are many different brands and models of webcams available for purchase today, most of these webcams are still not able to fix minor issues like poor focus on video due to crowded background, bad placement in your webcam video Frame, wrong color tones, or even lack of lighting. However, there is a recently released smart webcam that is specifically designed to fix all these issues automatically for you, and it is called Lumina Webcam.

Lumina Webcam is an AI-powered smart webcam with an 8.3MP ultra-wide-angle camera powered by a 4K SONY Image sensor that can record high-quality video up to studio-like image quality 4K and with configurable FOV between 65° to 95°, with magnetic privacy cover and stand Included mount compatible with 1/4-inch tripods, all while also featuring USB-C and USB-A connectivity, along with multiple AI-powered video recording functions, including depth-sensing-assisted AF mode, camera Auto-framing AI that tracks subjects in order to center them perfectly within the webcam’s video frame, Adaptive Color Correction system that helps fix color defects, and Auto-adjusting light system that activates automatically in medium to low light scenes.

Furthermore, users can also make additional HSV adjustments (Hue, saturation, and color intensity value within Hue Tones) for webcam video quality via the dedicated desktop app, called Lumina app.

With this smart AI webcam, you will never have to worry about any video related issues, which means you can seamlessly transition to any video call or video conference right from the scheduled time to start working.

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at Lumina Webcam and check out everything that this AI-powered smart webcam has to offer you.

Design and Specifications

Starting with its size, the Lumina webcam comes in a really small size, being smaller than a lipstick stick, measuring just 2.75 inches (70 mm) long by 0.86 inches (22 mm) thick (including both width and height).


Then, regarding its design, this AI smart webcam also has a simple and modern design that finally gives it a very professional look.

Lumina webcam
Professional looking design

Not only that, but this AI smart webcam also has a super durable build, as its body is made of high quality brushed aluminum, which gives it a highly flexible outer casing along with excellent feel.

Extremely durable brushed anodized aluminum

Moving on to the different components of the Lumina webcam. Starting with the main component of the webcam, this webcam comes with an integrated 8.3MP wide-angle viewfinder with a 5-element glass lens (which helps deliver crystal-clear video quality) which is powered by an advanced 24.84mm. Sony 4K image sensor.

8.3 MP 5-element ultra-wide glass lens backed by 24.84 mm² SONY image sensor

The webcam’s high-quality 4K SONY image sensor makes the Lumina webcam capable of recording high-quality video at a maximum resolution of 4K so that users can get studio-like image quality, resolutions of as little as 1080p or 720p at a reasonably smooth frame rate It is 40 frames per second.

Advanced Sony 4K Image Sensor

Users can also adjust the webcam’s configurable FOV between 65 to 95 degrees simply by adjusting the zoom of the video recorded in the webcam via the Lumina app (discussed in more detail at the end of the article).

Best of all, this smart AI webcam also comes with a magnetic privacy hood (built-in over the 8.3MP ultra-wide viewfinder) that can be easily pulled over the Lumina Webcam’s viewfinder when you need some privacy. Note that the webcam’s magnetic privacy cover snaps very smoothly back and forth.


When it comes to the Lumina Webcam setup process, know that installing this webcam on your desktop or laptop computer is a very simple and easy process, taking no more than 3-5 minutes at most.

All you need to do is carefully install the webcam’s screw-in screw into the dedicated mounting screw hole, which is located on the underside of the webcam’s aluminum body. You can also use the Hex wrench included in the kit to make the custom mount for your webcam a little tighter.

Again, note that the screw mount included with the webcam is compatible with 1/4″ mounts, so you can also use it with one of those if you’d like.

The only thing left to do is to connect the Lumina Webcam to your computer or laptop via either of the two included USB connection cables (x2) (either a USB-C to USB-A cable or a USB-C to USB-C cable).

Once this is done, you can then mount the webcam to the top side of your computer/laptop screen.

Embedded below, our readers can also find the company’s official video guide to the complete Lumina Webcam setup process:


For connectivity, as mentioned earlier, the Lumina Webcam features both USB-C and USB-A connectivity, the webcam kit comes with two separate USB connection cables (x2) (including a USB-C to USB-A cable as well as a USB cable -C to USB-C) to cover the connection requirements of different users.

Thanks to it, users are provided with a simple and straightforward plug-and-play installation.


In terms of compatibility, Lumina Webcam is compatible with a system running on Windows 10, as well as with any system running on macOS (10.14 or higher).

Regarding app compatibility, know that this smart AI webcam is fully compatible with any existing video conferencing app as well as any major Livestreaming app, including: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, OBS, Skype, Cisco Webex, Adobe Connect, BlueJeans, OBSStreamlabs, Ecamm Live, and many more.

Outstanding Smart Features

Now we will talk a little bit about the various AI-powered video recording functions that this AI-powered smart webcam provides.

Auto focus mode

First, we have the webcam’s autofocus mode, which is powered by innovative depth-sensing technology that essentially allows the Lumina webcam to intelligently blur the user’s background in order to automatically create sharp depth effects around the user’s body and ultimately provide better focus on the image for that user.

Users can also adjust the opacity settings for the webcam autofocus mode via the Lumina app by adjusting settings such as the webcam depth level and noise level as well as RGB and HSV (hue, saturation, and color intensity value).

AI Photographer Autoframing

Second, we have the Webcam Auto-Framing AI Cameraman, another AI-powered algorithm that takes advantage of the webcam’s FOV range (between 65 and 95 degrees) to intelligently follow a user within the webcam’s total video frame (meaning the entire FOV range) to perfectly center it. Inside the recorded video clip.

Again, users can also adjust settings for the Auto-Framing AI Cameraman via the Lumina app by adjusting settings such as video framing range, FOV transition speeds, webcam reaction time for automatic frame adjustments, and also the transition curve to make everything look smoother and normal.

Adaptive color correction system

Furthermore, the Lumina webcam also features an adaptive color correction system that gives the AI-powered webcam system a basis for realistic colors within recorded live video footage, essentially helping not only to fix color deficiencies by boosting or disabling specific color values, But also to help correct the lighting temperature values.

This ultimately allows its adaptive color correction system to find the optimal exposure levels for the user(s) within their video frame in order to make them look/look more natural (including both their clothing and their skin tone).

To allow the Lumina webcam to automatically calibrate its adaptive color correction system, all users have to do is hold the webcam’s built-in Lumina 17-Patch color card within its video frame for a few seconds, which the webcam will then calibrate all color values mistaken you immediately.

Auto light adjustment

Last but not least, this AI-powered smart webcam also features an automatic light adjustment that activates automatically when medium to low light conditions are detected within a user’s video.

This basically works by having AI-powered algorithms in the webcam to analyze multiple exposures pixel by pixel in order to accurately capture any fine textures, patterns and/or details.


As mentioned earlier, via the webcam’s dedicated desktop app (called the Lumina app), users can also make additional adjustments to the webcam’s video settings, including adjustments to the depth level, noise level, RGB values, and HSV settings (Hue, Saturation, Density value color within color tones).

Lumina app
Lumina app

Specifically for RGB values ​​and HSV settings, the Lumina app also provides users with advanced controls over the capabilities of the webcam’s 4K SONY CMOS image sensor, with which users can adjust their appearance using more than 30 different settings and parameters in order to get the most out of it. 4K video quality while using the Lumina webcam.

Lumina app
Lumina app

Last but not least, and as said earlier, through the Lumina app, users can also adjust the webcam’s video framing range, FOV transmission speeds, webcam reaction time and also its transmission curve for the AI ​​framing auto photographer in order to make all Something that looks softer and more natural.

What’s in the box?

Inside their package, users will find: their Lumina Smart 4K webcam, along with the webcam magnetic privacy cover and custom mounting bracket, two (x2) included USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB connection cables -C, and Lumina 17-Patch Color webcam card (used in the Adaptive Color Correction System).

Box contents

last thoughts

Lumina Webcam is a smart AI webcam with 8.3 MP Ultra Wide Viewfinder powered by a 4K SONY Image sensor that can record high quality video up to 4K studio-like image quality and with configurable FOV between 65° to 95°, with magnetic privacy cover The included mount is compatible with 1/4″ tripods, all while also featuring USB-C and USB-A connectivity, along with multiple AI-powered video recording functions, including depth-sensing AF mode, and an AI camera with automatic frame that tracks subjects in order to center them perfectly within the webcam’s video frame, an adaptive color correction system that helps fix color flaws, and an auto-adjusting light system that activates automatically in medium to low light scenes.

Lumina webcam
Lumina webcam

With this webcam, you can be absolutely sure that you will always get good video quality from your end when participating in any future video calls and/or video conferences.

The Lumina webcam is currently available in four (x4) different metallic colors: Atomic Grey, Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver.

If you are interested in purchasing it, know that the price per unit is only $199. You can order it online now directly from Lumina’s official shopping page.