GREAT WRAP – 100% compostable stretch film wrap made from food waste

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  • Dec 28, 2022
Great detour

There are many different reasons why we should all be reducing our carbon footprint. Reducing your carbon footprint not only mitigate the effects of global climate change, but it can also help you live a healthier lifestyle, and save you a decent amount of money in the long run. Moreover, the more people make efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, the more that can help improve public health, boost the global economy, and even help preserve Earth’s biodiversity. Now, while it’s clear that one person alone can’t make a difference, it all starts with small changes in each person’s lifestyle. Small but important actions like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or while taking a shower, lowering the temperature a few degrees, driving less, or even choosing to use everyday, eco-friendly single-use products designed to be both recyclable and compostable to make a huge difference. A great example of the latter option is to stop using the typical stretch wrap, which is made of traditional plastic, and start using a better, more eco-friendly alternative, like the Great Wrap.

Great detour
Great Wrap 100% stretchy wrap

The Great Wrap is a revolutionary stretch film wrapping material made from potato waste, which ultimately makes it 100% compostable, which means it will add organic matter to your compost pile, which will decompose in less than 180 days, leaving no residue behind. Microplastic. behind.

Great wrapper – made from potato waste

Company story

The Great Wrap is meticulously developed by A team of dynamic designers, engineers and scientists who are part of the Materials Science Company This is on a mission to end the world’s population’s dependence on petroleum-based plastics for good.

GreatWrap team

The company’s mission originally began with Gordie and Julia Kay, co-founders of Great Wrap, an Australian couple who are truly passionate about reimagining the materials used to make everyday products in order to ultimately solve tomorrow’s current-induced problems. Everyday products made from non-recyclable, non-compostable materials that can negatively affect the Earth’s climate and all different forms of life.

Founders of Great Wrap
Jordi and Julia Kay (Great Wrap co-founders) at the company’s manufacturing facilities

Founders of Great Wrap
Jordi and Julia Kay (Co-Founders of Great Wrap) help package the Great Wrap product line

Now, back to the Great Wrap line. The company’s current product line consists primarily of two (x2) eco-friendly products, the Great Mate Starter Kit and Nudie Rolls.

So, without any further ado, let’s talk a little more about GreatWrap’s two eco-friendly products and see how each can help you reduce your carbon footprint throughout your everyday life.

Great Mate Starter Kit

First up, we have the company’s Great Mate Starter Kit, which comes with one (x1) Great Mate unit, as well as a set of two (x2) Nudie Rolls (these are rolls that pack a Great Wrap).

The Great Mate is a stretch wrap dispenser designed for dispensing, as well as cutting and slicing Great Wrap compostable wrapping paper.

the design

The Great Mate comes in a fairly small size, measuring just 3 inches in diameter and 16 inches long.

Great detour
Great wrap great companion

The Stretch Wrap Dispenser features a unique inner spool design that allows the Great Wrap Compostable Stretch Wrap to slide smoothly from the custom stocking roll, and incorporates a built-in slide button that makes slicing Great Wrap wrap a breeze.

Just like the company’s Great Wrap wrap, the Great Mate Starter Kit is also made with the environment in mind, as each unit is made from recycled plastic pellets that come from a total of 33 recycled PET bottles.

Made from recycled plastic pellets that come from a total of 33 recycled PET bottles

Pricing and availability

The Great Mate Starter Kit is currently available in four (x4) different, stylish color models: Lime Green, Grey’ish Blue, Light Brown, and Black.

Again, each set comes with a Great Mate unit, plus 2 Nudie Rolls, and each set is only $39. You can either get it as a one-time purchase, or as an affordable long-term option, you can choose to subscribe to the company’s subscription plan and save some money in the long run while still getting your bi-monthly (bi-monthly) supply of Nudie Rolls for the Great Mate Stretchable Dispenser .

If you are interested in purchasing it, all you have to do is access it Great Wrap’s official shopping page.

Noddy Rolls

Finally, we have Nudie Rolls, which are at-home compostable stretch wrap rolls that pack a Great Wrap compostable stretch film wrap.

the design

Each Nudie roll also comes in a fairly compact size, measuring just 13 inches long, packing a total of 98 feet of compostable Great Wrap stretch film.

Great detour
Great Wrap Noddy Rolls

Great Wrap’s compostable stretch wrap is rather thin, measuring just 15 micrometers, and as said before, it’s made from potato waste, which makes it 100% compostable, finally able to break down in as little as 180 days, each This without leaving any plastic particles behind.

These stretchy wraps are designed to refill your Great Mate with total ease, you just have to swap them in when you’re done with a brand new one, and they’re also designed to fit our latest and greatest developed formulation for optimal wrapping.

Pricing and availability

Each set of Nudie Rolls includes a total of 2 rolls of Great Wrap, and each set is only $19.

Just like the Great Mate Starter Kit, you can get it in one (or more) one-time purchases, or as an affordable long-term option, you can choose to subscribe to the company’s subscription plan, for which you’ll get a bimonthly (every two months) supply of Nudie Rolls and you’ll finally save some money. To purchase additional packs of 2 Nudie Rolls for your Great Mate unit, simply access it Great Wrap’s corresponding shopping page.

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