Dualbell – Dumbbell adapter attachment for barbell weight strength training

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  • Mar 02, 2023

Nowadays, working out at home is something that many people enjoy, as it not only allows you to save a lot of time between gym trips, but also provides you with the convenience of controlling the atmosphere of your workouts, such as choosing exercise schedules and playing music that you enjoy. Wear it often, and even wear your favorite workout clothes. However, if the main focus of your workout routine is strength training and weight training, then there is one major downside to working out at home, because that is the fact that you will have to purchase basic strength training equipment, which includes not only dumbbells, but also weight plates. , iron, and possibly other things, all of which can be very expensive. However, it would be great if you could simply use your dumbbells as barbell weights for strength training. Thanks to an innovative and easy-to-use workout solution called doublebellNow you can do it very easily.

The Dualbell is an extra-strong Dumbbell Adapter Attachment System made of ultra-tough Nylon 66 material that features an easy-to-use clip-on design that allows users to finally attach dumbbells to a barbell rope and use them as weight plates for barbell weight strength training. exercises.

By using this Dumbbell Adapter Attachment System, there is no need for weight plates to perform barbell exercises, so you will be able to significantly reduce your overall costs of weights and other strength training equipment that you would need to be able to properly engage in weight. Strength training and training from the comfort of your own home. With it, you only need to buy dumbbells and a barbell for all your strength exercises.

Now, let’s take a slightly more detailed look at the Dualbell and check out how this dumbbell adapter attachment system is designed to work.

Design and specifications

Starting with the size of the Dualbell, know that each Bar to Dumbbell Adapter Attachment comes in a fairly compact size, which means it’s extremely portable and easy to store when not in use.

Small size and very sturdy build

Moreover, these dumbbell adapter attachments also have a very sturdy build, as they are made of super tough Nylon 66 material that makes them capable of holding the heaviest commercial dumbbells currently available on the market.

On top of that, the Dualbell also features an easy-to-use design that basically allows it to be perfectly fitted around the handle of a dumbbell.

User-friendly clip design

To be more specific, the Dualbell is designed to be compatible with dumbbell handles that have a minimum length of 4.25 inches (108 mm), and a maximum diameter of 1.38 inches (35 mm), which means that this dumbbell adapter accessory system can be used with most dumbbells with standard handle sizes. dumbbells.

doublebellWhat’s more, the company’s Complete Dualbell exercise set (called The Complete Dualbell Superset) also comes with a set of interlocking spacers that allow two (x2) Dualbell units to be connected and used together on one side of your barbell by holding both The two units (and the weights they carry) are in place and perfectly parallel to each other.

Interlocking Dualbell Spacer Accessories

Best of all, the Dualbell can also be locked to your barbell using standard barbell weight collars or standard barbell spring clips.

how to use?

To use a Dualbell, all you have to do is place a dumbbell inside the unit’s designated dumbbell slot, then close it. Next, simply snap each Dualbell unit from the underside, and slide it onto each side of the barbell.

Once you’re done, the double bell’s innovative design and smooth rotation will help keep the dumbbells perfectly in place below the barbell while using them for any weight strengthening exercises normally done with a barbell.

doublebellPricing and availability

The Dualbell is currently available in two different sets (x2), the Dualbell Pair, and the Complete Dualbell Superset.

The Dualbell Pair set includes: 2 double bells, a drawstring storage bag, and an exercise chart that can help users get started.

Bell pair set

The Complete Dualbell Superset includes: 4 double bells, 2 interlocking spacers, drawstring storage bag, and exercise chart.

Complete the Dualbell Superset

It should also be noted that the Dualbell is currently available in two different models (x2): blue and black.

If you’re interested in buying it, know that each Dualbell Pair goes for just $39.99, and each full Dualbell Superset goes for just $79.99. You can order it online now, either directly from Dualbell official shopping page.

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