Doubletake Melbourne Tennis Backpack and Doubletake Naples Pickleball Bag

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  • Dec 31, 2022
Doubletake Melbourne Tennis Backpack and Doubletake Naples Pickleball Bag

Tennis and pickleball are two similar grid sports that can be very fun and healthy, especially when played at a fast pace, as these two sports can bring you a great form of cardio exercise during which you can burn some serious calories in a nutshell. Practice/game sessions. However, unlike most other sports such as football, basketball, and soccer, playing tennis or pickleball still requires you to carry additional equipment over your gym clothes such as tennis rackets or pickleball racquets, along with a reasonable amount of tennis balls or Pickleball is balls so you don’t have to spend extra energy fetching balls again every time someone scores. So, if you are looking for a reliable way to carry all your tennis/pickleball equipment in just one bag, the Doubletake Melbourne Tennis Backpack as well as the Doubletake Naples Pickleball Bag are the perfect solutions for that.

The Doubletake Melbourne and Doubletake Naples Bags are state-of-the-art tennis and pickleball bags designed specifically with tennis and pickleball in mind, featuring enough storage space to hold tennis or pickleball racquets, plus tennis clothes or pickleball, and a few tennis balls or a pickleball. pickle. balls, your smartphone and other personal items in its many interior pockets, and one or two water bottles, all while integrating a built-in keychain to securely hold your house and/or car keys.

With any of these stylish pickleball and tennis bags, you’ll have an easy way to carry all of your tennis/pickleball gear without having to carry any extra weight or extra small bags, like bags meant for tennis rackets or pickleball. Oars, for example.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these bags and see how they can help you travel light when going to a training session, a game of tennis, or pickleball.

DoubleTack Melbourne – Medium Convertible Tennis Backpack and Tote Bag

Starting with the Doubletake Melbourne, which is the larger of the two, this is a medium sized backpack suitable for both tennis and pickleball that easily converts between a backpack and a tote, and features enough storage space to carry everything you need. Tennis equipment/pickleball easily.

Doubletake Melbourne Tennis Backpack

If you’re carrying an average amount of tennis gear or a pickleball, it’s a perfect fit. However, you can be sure that tennis players as well as pickleball players will love to have it.

the design

The Doubletake Melbourne comes in a fairly compact size for a medium sized tennis/pickleball backpack, measuring 14.5 inches wide by 7 inches deep and 15 inches long.

Doubletech MelbourneThis stylish convertible backpack and tennis bag features a modern and stylish design.

Not only that, but the Doubletake Melbourne also features high-quality, durable construction that’s extremely fade-resistant, as it’s made of eco-friendly, lightweight, and water-repellent canvas.

Again, this bag can easily be converted between a backpack and a tote, as it comes with a set of carrying handles as well as a set of shoulder straps on the back, which can be adjusted very easily for the latter. Fits comfortably over your shoulders when worn as a tennis/pickleball backpack.

Moving to different storage cabins in Melbourne. First, we have a main storage compartment, which is roomy enough to hold some secondary tennis gear, such as a small towel (or even your tennis clothes), plus a few tennis balls/pickleballs.

On the interior side of the Doubletake Melbourne’s main compartment, you also have several interior pockets where you can safely store and carry your smartphone and other small personal items.

Not only that, but there is also a built-in keychain made entirely of premium aluminum where you can open your house and/or car keys to carry them with you safely inside the convertible tennis bag.

Furthermore, there is also a front pocket that is large and deep enough to hold a set of tennis rackets (x2) or a set of pickleball rackets (x2).

Finally, there is also a medium sized side pocket that can be used to hold up to two (x2) water bottles.

Pricing and availability

The Doubletake Melbourne is currently available in six (x6) different stylish double color models.

If you’re interested in buying them, know that each of these stylish convertible backpacks costs $164. You can order it online right now from Doubletake’s official shopping page.

Doubletake Naples – Small Lightweight Pickleball Carrying Case

On the other hand, for those who want something smaller to carry their pickleball equipment, there is the Doubletake Naples Bag, which is a compact and lightweight carrying case designed specifically for pickleball players, featuring enough storage space to carry all of your pickleball very easily. gear without being burdened.

Doubletake Naples
Doubletake Naples Pickleball Handbag

the design

The Doubletake Naples comes in very compact, at just 12.25 inches wide by 6 inches deep and 11 inches long. Since this is the smaller model of these two bags from Doubletake (meaning Melbourne and Naples), this backpack is also very lightweight.

Just like the Melbourne, the Napoli also has a minimalist, modern and elegant design and boasts high-quality construction that is durable and fade-resistant, being built from the same lightweight, water-resistant, eco-friendly design. fabric.

This pickleball tote comes equipped with a set of sturdy shoulder straps that can also be conveniently used as carrying handles if you prefer to do so.

We pass to the different storage rooms in Naples. First, we have a main storage compartment, which is roomy enough to hold all of your pickleball gear, including not only a set of two (x2) pickleball paddles, but also a small towel, pickle clothes, one or two water bottles, and a number of A few pickle balls.

Furthermore, still inside the main compartment, there is also a built-in premium aluminum keychain that can be used to securely store house keys and/or car keys.

Then, on the outside of the Doubletake Naples, there is also a small side pocket that can be used to store and carry a smartphone, sunglasses, or other small personal items.

Pricing and availability

The Doubletake Naples is currently available in four (x4) different stylish two-tone models.

If you’re interested in buying them, know that each of these boxed bags costs $124. You can get yours online from Doubletake’s corresponding shopping page.