Digital signage gives businesses an edge in advertising

  • lekmin
  • Nov 10, 2022
digital signage

Spending on digital advertising outside the home (DOOH) is growing at a very slow rate. The reason for this is that people are overly focused on online advertising. This is because when people want to make a purchase, they go online. However, offline marketing is still a very powerful influencing factor in the minds of potential customers, especially when resorting to digital signage. What are people looking for when they are not online? Do they look at the side of the buses, at the billboards on the highways and the airships in the sky? Do they look at your digital signals?

People follow the crowd

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to become so successful so easily? How did Judge Judy and Oprah become the highest-paid women in the United States? How did Elon Musk and Donald Trump make all this money so quickly? Was it luck? Was it cheating? No, because these people saw the other fish swimming in one direction as a group, and took a different route.

digital signage
digital signage

If you go online now and search for ways to promote your business, you will see Google results with videos and articles on how to market your business in the modern age. Click on every organic link on Google (not the paid ads links) and consume the content they provide. Notice how they all say roughly the same thing? They all say you should invest X amount in social media and X amount in online advertising. They don’t talk about offline advertising, so people don’t.

You must advertise offline using digital signage. Do not follow the fish that are going in one direction. Make your way through the water. Digital tags offer an advantage because they give you a powerful way to promote your business offline. They give you a way to swim in a different direction.

You eliminate your competitors

Let’s say you want to promote your new product online. You need to explain your product in order to sell it, so steer clear of video promotions through affiliate networks because they can be pricey. You decide to pay a company to create promotional content on Rumble, create your own content for TikTok and use their coins “promotion” system to get the word out.

Even under these very favorable conditions, you still compete alongside all your competitors. Plus, you’re competing with every other product out there because all the other producers are just a click away or scroll away.

Now, consider the people who skip your business. Notice your ad running in your window. Advertising keeps things simple and keeps things very visible so people can understand what’s going on even if they join in the middle of the presentation. In this scenario, you are only competing with the buildings closest to you. All your competitors and all other advertising and social media producers have been eliminated. This gives you an advantage because a very clever and simple window marketing campaign can attract a fair amount of interest for relatively very little money (when compared to internet marketing).

Use DOOH directions for ideas

Big companies are smart enough to promote their products and services offline, and often come up with some very interesting trends (especially when using guerrilla marketing). If you are running a small business, why not use the largest DOOH . directions as inspiration. Often times, you can scale down their ideas and use them yourself. You can also copy their video ads sporadically and host them on your digital banners for a quick and easy way to increase sales or attract more customer interest.