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  • Feb 24, 2023
Badlands Farm

Every dog ​​deserves to be given a complete and balanced diet (including carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals) that will ultimately provide him with all the nutrients and vitamins his body needs on a daily basis so that he can live a healthy life. While most dog owners provide their pups with a pure kibble diet, including new portions of superfoods in your dog’s diet can be very beneficial to their health, as it will eventually provide their body with access to raw nutrition. By adding superfoods to your dog’s diet, you will be providing them with high levels of one or more health-supporting nutrients, such as phytonutrients and antioxidants such as beta-carotene, as well as vitamins A, E and many others, as well as essential fatty acids, minerals and the amount of Suitable for fiber as well. On that note, let us tell you about Badlands Ranch’s super dog food products.

Badlands Farm is a premium dog nutrition brand that sells dog foods packed with superfoods and treats designed with only all-natural, fresh ingredients specifically to promote a balanced diet and better health for dogs, all made following safe and responsible food preparation practices by slow cooking, then successively air drying (for dog foods). superfoods) or freeze-dry (for their superfoods) their produce to ensure maximum freshness and nutritional quality.

The company was founded by actress, animal activist, and philanthropist Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy, Firefly Lane), who has a simple philosophy that every dog ​​deserves clean, healthy food. Miss Heigl named the company after the many acres of Utah land that she and her family call home.

Badlands Farm
Badlands Ranch, a brand of superfood dog food founded by Katherine Heigl

Sales proceeds go to Jason Debus Heigl Foundation (named after her late teenage brother who was a huge animal lover), their organization helps save animals by administering restorative rehabilitation.

Badlands Ranch superfood products for dogs It currently consists of two product variants (x2), the Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete Pack, along with the Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites.

Now, let’s talk a little more about each of Badlands Ranch’s dog superfood products and check out exactly how they’re made.

Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete – Highly nutritional dog food formulated with superfood ingredients

Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete is a highly nutritious dog food that contains some of the healthiest foods on earth, consisting of a blend of 33 ingredients important to canine health, including humanely raised beef, nutrient-dense organ meat, omega-packed salmon and greens. gut health, plus a variety of superfoods, all of which can help promote smooth digestion, healthy energy levels, and easy-to-move joints for your dog’s health.

Badlands Ranch Complete Superfood
Badlands Ranch Complete Superfood

All of these ingredients are responsibly cooked at low temperatures and air dried to ensure maximum freshness and ultimately the best possible nutritional quality.

It’s also important to note that Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete contains no meat meal, no by-product, and no preservatives known to cause health problems in many dogs, so dog owners can rest assured that this blend of premium superfoods for dogs contains only good food. Ingredients their dogs need to thrive.

Pricing and availability

If you are interested in buying it, know every 24 oz. Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete bag comes in at just $59.95. Alternatively, if you want to stock up, know that the company also sells a 3-bag for $170.85 (saves you $3 per 24-ounce bag), or you can finally buy a 6-bag for $323.70 (saves you $6 per 24-ounce bag). . bag).

Badlands Ranch Complete Superfood
Badlands Ranch Complete Superfood

You can order Whole Foods Badlands Ranch superfood online directly from Badlands Ranch’s corresponding shopping page.

Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites – Superfood Club Treats are made with superfood ingredients

Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites are crunchy treats made with a single freeze-dried ingredient, which can either be raw freeze-dried beef liver, freeze-dried chicken breast, or freeze-dried wild salmon.

Ranch superfood bites
Ranch superfood bites

Not only do beef liver treats contain high-quality, nutrient-rich beef liver as their only ingredient, but they are also one of the best superfoods a dog can eat, as they help support your pup’s healthy muscles and body weight.

Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites Beef Liver

Chicken breast dog treats are made with only a selection of high-quality chicken breast meat that makes these dog treats fairly low in calories, but still high in protein, which is then frozen raw to preserve all of those treats. Natural vitamins and minerals, which ultimately help your dog stay fit, active and healthy.

Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites Chicken Breast

Wild Caught Salmon Dog Treats are made with only the highest quality, nutrient-rich salmon caught directly in the wild, then freeze-dried to preserve all of the super nutrients, which greatly help support your dog’s healthy muscles, as well as help them develop a soft coat. and a healthy body weight.

Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites Salmon

Pricing and availability

If you are interested in purchasing Superfood Bites from Badlands Ranch, learn about each 4 oz. The bag for just $19.99. Alternatively, if you want to purchase additional bags of these nutritious treats, know that the company is also selling 3 bags for $50.97 (saving you $3 per 4-ounce bag), or you can end up buying 6 bags for $95.94 (saving you $4) per 4-ounce bag.

Ranch superfood bites
Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites

You can order Badlands Ranch’s Superfood Bites online, directly from Badlands Ranch’s corresponding shopping pages.

Click the following links to Order Superfood Bites Beef Liver Treatsas well as for Order Super Food Bites Chicken Mealsor to Order Superfood Bites Salmon Treats.

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